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Can't get cars registered on time through your county DMV?  See the state's letter to law enforcement pausing expired registration tickets under "COVID-19 Info"

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Colorado Revised Statutes

The laws of the state of Colorado published in annotated form.


Those regulations enforced by the Auto Industry Division - chief regulator for the Auto Industry.

Regulatory Blog

Periodic Updates from Matthew, Publications, and Q&As.



From bills in the state house, to regulations before the agencies, to individualized training sessions and the forms you need to safely sell a car and protect your dealership, these topics will help you keep your business in compliance with Colorado state law.



This website was designed for title clerks, F&I Specialists, Finance, and Management staff of Colorado's 260 Franchised New Car Dealers.  It is intended as a resource for common or recurring compliance issues with the state of Colorado.  Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice, as it is not individualized to any person or dealership.  Additionally, anything on this site should be considered Colorado-specific, and not relevant for any other state.

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