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Amendment B

Repeal Gallagher Amendment

Repeals the formula for collection of property taxes that has been in place since 1982:  55% commercial; 45% residential.


Amendment C

Charitable Gaming

Shortens from 5 to 3 years the amount of time non-profits must wait to obtain a bingo license.

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Amendment D

Citizenship of Qualified Voters

Prohibits the legislature from extending voting privileges to non-citizens or anyone under 18 years of age.


Amendment E

Local Approval of Casino Limits

Shifts authority over gambling limits from a statewide vote to a local vote.

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Proposition EE

Taxes on Nicotine Products

Triples the tax on cigarettes and vaping products, considering it a 'sin tax.'  I fear the day the state considers a car a sin.

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Proposition 113

National Popular Vote Compact

Would reverse the legislature's decision to joint the NPV compact, and instead require that Colorado's electoral votes go to the winner of Colorado's election.

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Proposition 114

Re-introduction of Gray Wolves

Asks voters to mandate that the State ship in Gray Wolves to Colorado's wilderness.  Gray wolves, of course, eat livestock.


Proposition 115

Prohibit Abortions after 22 Weeks

Would prevent any abortions after 22 weeks.  

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Proposition 116

State Income Tax Reduction

Would lower the state income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.55%.

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Proposition 117

Voter Approval State Enterprises

Stops the state from end running TABOR and raising taxes by calling them "fees" for a state enterprise.  Maybe the most important ballot measure in 2020!

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Proposition 118

Paid Family Medical Leave

Creates mandatory insurance program, funded by a payroll tax, to provide paid leave.  Likely to run out of money by year 3, as structured.  Creates new government office to oversee program.  State will collect $1.34 billion/year in premiums.





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