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Colorado Kicks Off Legislative Session

As this year’s legislature begins, we wanted to update you all about a few bills that have been introduced in either the House or Senate, that CADA will be tracking and participating in hearings regarding these issues. There is no guarantee that any or all will pass, but as your representatives in the State house, we are committed to ensuring the most favorable environment possible for dealers and drivers throughout Colorado.

You can find more on these bills and others in the "Legislation" section of the website. If you have specific feedback you would like to provide to CADA, please contact Matthew Groves at matthew.groves@colorado.auto or (303) 282-1449.

SB20-036 Emissions Inspection Check Engine Light (Zenzinger, Cooke, Hansen, Liston – S. Transportation)

Concerning the submission to the federal environmental protection agency of a proposed revision to the state implementation plan that would enable a vehicle that fails the on-board diagnostics test solely because a check engine light is illuminated on the vehicle's dashboard to undergo a tailpipe emissions test.

SB20-51 License Plate Expiration On Change Of Ownership (Priola, A. Valdez – S. Transportation)

Concerning license plates, and, in connection therewith, specifying that, in order to minimize potential lost registration revenue, the license plates of a motor vehicle that is classified as Class C personal property expire upon the sale or transfer of the motor vehicle and that, in order to improve legibility and enforcement, a revised color scheme is required for certain license plates manufactured on or after a specified date.

SB20-065 Limit Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving (Court/D. Roberts – S. Transportation)

Concerning a limitation on the use of mobile electronic devices while driving.

SB20-044 Sales And Use Tax Revenue For Transportation (Lundeen/Carver – State Affairs)

Concerning the allocation of sales and use tax revenue attributable to sales or use of vehicles and related items to transportation funding, and, in connection therewith, providing additional funding for state, county, and municipal road and bridge projects.

HB20-1018 Adopt Renewable Natural Gas Standard (Hansen – H. Energy)

Concerning adoption of a renewable natural gas standard.

SB20-061 Yield To Bicycles In Bicycle Lanes (Foote – S. Judiciary)

Concerning a requirement to yield to a bicycle in a bicycle lane.


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