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County Closures and Expiring Temp Tags

With virtually every county DMV office closed to the public and a few counties refusing mailed title applications and paperwork, many title clerks are left wandering how to accommodate for consumers with expiring temporary registration permits (temp tags). Our best advice is keep this website:


Here the Vehicle Services Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles describes changes it is taking to keep up with the COVID-related closures. Regarding expiring registrations, it advises consumers who are eligible to return to their dealership to get a second temp tag. A dealer can print this second temp tag, even if paperwork has been submitted to the county of registration. However, it is advisable to have that consumer pick up their temp tag by appointment, the same way remote sales are coming in. Distancing and other sanitizing processes cannot be sacrificed even for these minor transactions.

The Division notes that many counties are still working behind closed doors and accepting mailed paperwork. We have been given guidance by DMV that FedEx may not be the best option, to the extent that a signature would be required for a county to receive. The US Postal Service should be able to provide documentation of delivery that should be kept for lien perfection issues and not require anyone at the county DMV to provide signature to receive.

If the consumer is already on their second temp tag, printing a third will not be an option. DMV has written a letter to law enforcement requesting that no one be stopped or cited for an expired temp tag. DMV has further waived late registration fees until 60 days after the end of the Governor’s Emergency declaration. For those consumers unable to register on-line or through a kiosk, the consumer may apply for an extension here:


If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Groves at matthew.groves@colorado.auto. And please do not allow any “drive by” temp tag requests into the dealership without an appointment. This would violate social distancing. We can confirm that one used dealership in Denver has been shut down by the Health Department for violating this order.

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