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Hybrid and EV Program Update from CDOT

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Program update

The Hybrid Vehicle Program, which was adopted nationally in 2008, ended on Sept. 30,

2019 due to the program not being extended by Congressional action this year. This

program allowed owners of hybrid vehicles who had received a

Hybrid Vehicle Exemption Program permit from the Colorado Department of

Transportation and a specially coded transponder from ExpressToll to use the HOV

Express Lanes for free. Due to the program ending, no new hybrid or electric vehicles

are being accepted into the program. All hybrids and electric vehicles will be required to

be treated as either a single occupant vehicle (SOV) and pay a toll or HOV when using

HOV Express Lanes. There is no other hybrid or electric vehicle program being planned

at this time. Please relay this information to customers looking to purchase a hybrid or

an electric vehicle.


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